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The AccountingSuite™ Academy provides users with a robust platform to learn all of the powerful features in AccountingSuite™. These valuable educational pathways not only get you comfortable with the product, but also enhance your domain expertise to better serve your clients. We give you the tools in both product and training to be your client’s financial superhero. This completely customizable program allows you to build your own degree path. Starting with our foundational Core Certification class, choose from an array of electives and complementary courses to further enhance your skill set.

How AccountingSuite™ Training & Certification Works

Develop Your Skills

Learn to use AccountingSuite™ Academy to find a live or self-paced teacher-led online course. From here, you can walk through the steps to achieving course completion. 


Customize Your Experience

This completely customizable program allows you to build your own degree path. Starting with our foundational Core Certification class, you can choose from an array of electives and complimentary courses to further enhance your skillset.


Share Your Expertise

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Learn to use AccountingSuite™ Academy to find a live or self-paced teacher-led online course. From here, you can walk through the steps to achieving course completion.


There are multiple levels of training and certification:

Core Certification

  • Gain important knowledge to serve clients
  • Learn setup, navigation, and important features
  • Manage clients sales, purchases, and payments
  • Learn reporting, customizing, and troubleshooting

RockStar Certification

  • Take your knowledge to the next level
  • Build on your Core Certification training 
  • Add advanced skills to your regimen
  • Learn basic inventory and explore our electives

Platinum Certification

  • Demonstrate AccountingSuite™ mastery
  • Expand your knowledge and master complex processes 
  • Broaden your skills by building out your elective base
  • Continue growing your client network
Online Accounting

Course Descriptions

Core Certification

Are you considering becoming AccountingSuite™ Certified? Take this training to find out what it means to be certified. We’ll also explain what topics the exam will test you on, how the exam works, and even let you try some sample questions. It’s everything you need to determine if you’re ready for Certification.

Sales & Purchases Certification

This course is an in-depth, hands-on training that will expose you and your client to AccountingSuite™’s awesome feature set. Within this course, you will learn to navigate sales, manage purchases, build your dropshipping systems, learn inventory and explore the completely customizable array of tools and extensions. The class is appropriate for both new and experienced users. This live course allows your clients to ask questions, participate in activities, and receive feedback in real-time. For those with scheduling conflicts, consider our self-paced training with pre-recorded videos.

Inventory Basics

Your next step in becoming a Certified RockStar, Inventory Certification. This course covers the basics inventory management concepts in AccountingSuite™ including items, lots & serial numbers, back-ordering, cost, and reporting.

Advanced Certification

Keep your skills fresh and stay up to date on the latest features when you take our Advanced Certification training. This quarter-specific course is completely customized to your needs, covering topics such as FAQs, Accounting, Cloud Banking, Reporting, and Extensions.

Advanced Inventory

Expand your inventory knowledge and master complex processes with our Advanced Inventory training. This course explores the topics of Assemblies, Units of Measure, Drop shipping, Consignment/3PL, and the Universal Report. Earn up to 3 CPE Credits*


Custom Print Forms

Invoices, Orders, Quotes and More: Customizing AccountingSuite™ Print Forms. Learn the art of customizing Print Forms in AccountingSuite™ with this one hour class that will reward you with the ability to access the tool in your account. Add and remove fields, insert custom text and graphics, format itand move it all around – this class will prepare you to make the print forms yours!

Marketing 101

This introductory marketing course will teach you the ins and outs of building your brand and effectively marketing yourself in the digital space.


Build out your drop-shipping network as a customer, vendor, or third-party distributor with this in-depth course. Learn how AccountingSuite™ can help simplify the sales and distribution process while gaining valuable industry knowledge on current trends. 

Sales Strategy & Objection Handling

Join us for an in-depth, live training covering our 6-step proven successful sales process. In this course, you will develop the skills required for lead generation and how to collect information crucial for the successful growth of your firm. We will also take a look at the various methods of selling/selling strategies, the necessity of follow-up and presenting proposals, as well as prospecting and objection-handling skills that will set your firm up for the best growth success..

Customizations & Extensions

Dive deep into the versatility of AccountingSuite™’s feature set and learn how you can make the most of our customizations, extensions, and add-ons.


Explore Live & Pre-Recorded Accounting Webinars from AccountingSuite™ Academy. Check our upcoming accounting webinars to discover best practice and get first-hand advice from experts:

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Getting Started With AccountingSuite™

In this bimonthly webinar, we will help you or your client set up and navigate the AccountingSuite™ product. This will ensure that your playground company or your first subscription will be successful.

CPE: 1
Subject Area: Business Management and Reporting
Course Level: Basic
Instructional Method: Group Internet Based
Prerequisites: None
Advanced Preparation: None
Who should attend? CPA – small firm, CPA – medium firm, Other Small/Medium Business
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Introduction to AccountingSuite™ & Multi-Channel Inventory

In this course, you will learn how AccountingSuite™ has brought Accounting with Inventory to the cloud and how we feel the future of the cloud will change the way you handle your work. Then, you’ll get to see a demo of how you can improve your firms’ efficiency and workflows as well as communications with your current clients by using AccountingSuite™.

This session is great for any level accounting partner and no prerequisites are required.

Duration: 60 min
Learning Objectives:
• How the cloud has changed the Accounting Industry
• AccountingSuite History
• Demo of AccountingSuite
• Your first steps to becoming Future-ready
• What AccountingSuite can do for your firm
• Growth
• Cloud
• AccountingSuite

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The VALUE of Value-Based Pricing

Learn how Value-Based Pricing can benefit your firm. With this pricing strategy, you set prices primarily, but not exclusively. Billing clients for services based on value instead of hours spent allows you to provide additional advisory or consulting services, which are more valued by the clients than filling out forms. No longer limit your firm’s income by the limited hours in a day.

Duration: 60 min

Learning Objectives:

  • List the benefits of value-based pricing

  • Determine how hourly pricing limits your income

  • Identify and define value-based pricing

  • Recognize how to build a pricing model

Subject Area: Business Management and Organization
Course Level: Basic
Instructional Method: Group Internet Based
Prerequisites: None
Advanced Preparation: None
Who should attend? CPA – small firm, CPA – medium firm, Other

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Partner Update 

Length: 1.0 hour

CPE: Not available (archived webinars do not offer CPE)

Subject Area: Business Management and Organization

Course Level: Basic

Who should attend? Bookkeeper,CPA – small firm,CPA – medium firm, Other Instructor Ted McRae (AccountingSuite)

Topics Covered:

  • Introducing Extensions

  • Customization

  • Stats

  • Conversions to AccountingSuite™

  • A Look Back at the Last Quarter

  • A Sneak-Peek at what’s coming

  • Q&A

Duration: 60 min

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Simplifying Client Write-Up

Recorded Date: November 12, 2020

Length: 1.0 hour

CPE:Not available (archived webinars do not offer CPE)

Subject Area: Business Management and Organization

Course Level: Basic

Who should attend? Bookkeepers,CPA – small firm,CPA – medium firm, Other

Instructor Ted McRae (AccountingSuite)

Course Description
Learn how you can simplify busy end-of-year client write-ups with a cloud-based solution, reducing the mess of your clients’ books when closing while creating opportunities to build advisory work before tax season. You can deliver a superior experience to your clients in the digital age where fewer client touches are the new norm.The right tools will simplify your end-of-year client write-up from a begrudging necessity to a powerful instrument leveraging the opportunity to build higher value advisory work into client relationships.

  • Learning Objectives:

    Determine how to migrate client write up to the cloud

  • Recognize tech to make client write up less messy and more efficient

  • Identify up-to-the-minute reports with real value

  • Determine the way you provide critical data to your clients

  • Identify how to meet client expectations in the new age of technology

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