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Auto Purchase Order

The Auto Purchase Order extension uses predictive AI to automate your purchase order workflow,
creating a purchase order that will automatically send a purchase requisition to draft, then notify the
appropriate staff member that a PO document needs to be sent to the vendor. Automated purchase
orders help you streamline your ordering process and allows you to see in real-time that you will not be
left without enough stock or even worse deadstock.

Information: Auto Purchase Order


Use Auto Purchase Order to “Auto-Fill” your companies purchase orders by Calculated Reorder Point, Recommended Purchase Quantity or set a schedule as to how many times you would like the system to check what purchase orders should be created. After the purchase order is ran you will get a draft PO that you can edit before sending for fulfilment. 




Useful tool to help me view the status of all my inventory positions

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Configuration & Installation

How do I set up the Auto Purchase Order?

In order for this extension to work, it must be set up properly.   There are two main areas where setup is required: the vendor and the item.  

Getting Started

On each item that you would like to be included on auto purchase orders, you must first set up the preferred vendor on the item card.
  1.  Go to Inventory / Items.
  2.  Double click the item to open up the details card.
  3.  Click on the preferred vendor tab.
  4.  From the dropdown list, choose the Vendor.
  5.  Add the Vendor Code and Vendor   Description if applicable.

Note:   The vendor code and description will be used for the item on the printed and emailed Purchase Orders.   You will not see this on the PO if you are looking at it in AccountingSuite.    

Vendor Setup

  1. Go to Customer / Vendor central .
  2. Select a vendor that you have set up as a preferred vendor for any items.
  3. Click on Options .
  4. Select Vendor additional information.
  5. In the new tab fill in all information for each item listed (Minimum and Maximum Lead times, safety stock type, safety stock, container qty, min order qty).   You may use the Set all values or Set Selected Values options to make data entry quicker if the items share any common values.
  6.  Click Save.

Note:  If there are no items listed in the Vendor additional information screen, you have not indicated this vendor as the preferred vendor on any items. 

Item Setup

  1. Go to Inventory / Items
  2.  Click the Setup tab and set the Reorder point.    This is the default point at which you would like to reorder this item.
  3. Click Options.
  4. Select Item additional information. 

Note:  Max and Min usage will show only after a sales transaction exists with the item on it (Sales Invoice, Shipment).   Average, min and max calculations use values from the last fully completed month
  1. Modify the lead time and safety stock values.
  2. Click Save button
  3. Click Accept new order point and close button
  4. Click on Save.