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Mar 16, 2020

Tax Return Filing Do’s and Don’ts

It’s now officially tax return-filing season, which means businesses and individuals of all shapes, sizes, and incomes will be sending their returns off to the IRS. While tax season is full of many mini-deadlines, there’s no doubt that April 15 is the big one. Many people send off their returns with little more than a […]
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Feb 28, 2020

5 Client-Facing Workflow Portals for 2020

When it comes to preparing taxes, one of the most difficult aspects for any accounting firm is figuring out how to interact with their clients. No matter how much accounting professionals may wish otherwise, clients stand to remain an essential part of the tax preparation process. Without their approval and verification, nothing goes forward. In […]
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Feb 20, 2020

Corporate Filing March Deadline

If you ask 10 Americans when taxes are due, all of them are going to say April. Some may even be able to tell you that National Tax Day falls on April 15. Of course, in the accounting world, we know this date all too well. However, we also know that April 15 is far […]
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Jan 31, 2020

5 Ways to Lessen Your Stress During Tax Season

Almost every kind of business has to deal with a certain amount of seasonality. We may not all sell Halloween costumes for a living, but that doesn’t mean our workflow is the same regardless of the page of the calendar. Seasonal variance happens for all sorts of reasons, ranging from climate patterns to cultural traditions […]
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Jan 15, 2020

Simplify Your 1099s With AccountingSuite

In the age of the gig economy, more businesses are relying on contractors than ever before. More contractors means more 1099-MISC forms. You may think that means more headaches during tax season—the last thing any business owner or accounting professional needs—but it doesn’t have to. With the right software and process, 1099s can be assembled […]
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Jan 3, 2020

How to Keep Track of Your Online Inventory

For as long as businesses have been selling goods, they’ve needed to track their inventory. While inventory management is as important in 2020 as it was in 1820, keeping accurate, up-to-date records is more complex than ever before. Not too long ago, a small business likely only sold their products through a storefront. Even in […]
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Dec 17, 2019

End of Year Accounting Best Practices

Are Your Books Ready for 2019 Close? Everyone knows that hindsight is 20/20, but right now we need to be approaching the year (and decade!) 2020 with some serious foresight. Like the academic calendar, or the NFL calendar, the accounting year doesn’t really begin in January and end in December. That’s because of taxes, of […]
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Dec 10, 2019

EOY Client Write-up Do’s and Don’ts

The end of a year brings with it housekeeping both real and metaphorical. In the accounting profession, perhaps no housekeeping task is viewed with as much disdain as EOY client write-ups. Since time immemorial, accountants have spent the close of the year waiting as patiently as possible for clients to deliver reams of unorganized receipts, […]
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Nov 28, 2019

Avoid Being Charged for Accounting Software you Don’t use

Questions to Ask About Your Accounting Software An excellent recent report from Big Four accounting giant Deloitte’s Center for Consumer Insight analyzes the decision-making process of consumers in today’s marketplace. “In many ways the consumer of today is like the consumer of yesterday,” the report concludes, “they are a creature of the pressures they are […]
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Nov 19, 2019

Understanding Online Accounting Software Tiers

How Much Software Do I Need? Head to the pricing page for any popular business software, including our own online accounting software, and you’re likely to find a number of different options. While these offerings vary in price and feature set, they usually offer the same essential product. In other words, one user’s experience on […]