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Blockchain, Blockchain 101, Cryptocurrency
Nov 30, 2018

Blockchain Accounting 101: The Basics to Get You Ready for 2019 and Beyond

As 2018 is wrapping up, the race for the topic of the year in the accounting profession has long since been decided. Blockchain has been the concept on everyone’s lips, and it’s only going to become more omnipresent in the coming months and years.
Blockchain, Business Software, Cryptocurrency
Aug 1, 2018

5 Surprising Facts About Cryptocurrency

Many people are familiar with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but very few possess an understanding beyond the basics. While it would be impossible for us to explain every detail about these new currencies here, we thought it would be useful to share a few interesting cryptocurrency facts that might surprise you.
Accounting Software, Cryptocurrency
Jul 17, 2018

Cryptocurrencies: Fact and Fiction

As with any new technology, it can be hard to determine what’s myth and what’s reality when it comes to cryptocurrency.
Accounting Software, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency
May 7, 2018

Is Your Firm Ready for Cryptocurrency Accounting?

Over the past few months, it seems like every conversation between accountants has turned to the subject of cryptocurrency. There was a time not that long ago when the only person in your office who knew about this radical new form of currency was the wild-eyed staff member who spent their off hours trading Bitcoin.