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Inventory, Inventory Management
Nov 19, 2018

3 Retailer Essentials to Make Holiday Sales a Success

Deloitte forecasts that retail sales during the holidays will grow another 5 – 5.6 percent this year, totaling a massive $1.1 trillion in the US. How much of this money will end up going to your retail clients will depend on how ready they are for the rush.
eCommerce, eCommerce Accounting
Oct 31, 2018

Cut Client RMA Time and Keep Better Inventory

Most of your clients are prepared to deal with the influx of customers buying goods, but far fewer excel at managing returns effectively. Obviously, an angry customer is the worst case scenario, but business owners also have to consider how returns affect inventory and their financials
Sep 21, 2018

A CPAs Perspective on Software Integrations for Real-Time Inventory Data

From a seller’s perspective, understanding how to optimize the potential of multi-channel ecommerce is crucial. Obviously, your ecommerce clients want to provide as many options as possible for purchasing their goods, but they don’t want flexibility to come at the expense of customer satisfaction.
Accounting Software, Business Software
Aug 31, 2018

Why Accurate Financial Reports Help Businesses Thrive

In today’s world, every business runs on data. The more information a company has, the better its ability to make smart, strategic decisions. Detailed, up-to-the-minute financial reports contain some of the most essential data a business can gather.
Inventory Management
Aug 17, 2018

Up-to-the-minute Data With Multi-Channel Inventory Management

In the days when brick-and-mortar businesses ruled retail, stores realized that opening new locations was the best way to increase sales. The same rule applies in the digital economy, but with a slight twist.
Accounting Software, Inventory Management
Aug 10, 2018

The Value of TLC: Calculating Total Landed Costs

What do you think of when you hear the initials TLC? The first thing that probably comes to mind is “tender love and care.” You might also recall the 90s R&B group and their massive hits “Waterfalls” and “No Scrubs.” But did you also think about “total landed cost”?
Blockchain, Business Software, Cryptocurrency
Aug 1, 2018

5 Surprising Facts About Cryptocurrency

Many people are familiar with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but very few possess an understanding beyond the basics. While it would be impossible for us to explain every detail about these new currencies here, we thought it would be useful to share a few interesting cryptocurrency facts that might surprise you.
Accounting Software, Cryptocurrency
Jul 17, 2018

Cryptocurrencies: Fact and Fiction

As with any new technology, it can be hard to determine what’s myth and what’s reality when it comes to cryptocurrency.
Accounting Software, Blockchain
Jul 9, 2018

Cryptocurrency History: A Brief Explanation

Since the internet began to dominate commerce in the late 90s, dozens of very smart people had mulled over a means to avoid the need for a trusted third party financial institutions to mediate between transactions.
Inventory Management
Jun 28, 2018

Inventory Management: How Bad Inventory Can Give Your Business a Bad Name

It’s that time of the year when semi-annual sales are in season across the nation, and shoppers who have been stoically holding themselves back for the past six months can finally splurge to their heart’s content.