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Jul 29, 2019

How to Talk Inventory Management

Have you ever heard two people having a conversation and been unable to follow it, despite the fact that you’re sure they’re speaking the same language as you? That can happen when two musicians discuss jazz, two sommeliers talk wine, or two programmers chat coding.
Sep 21, 2018

A CPAs Perspective on Software Integrations for Real-Time Inventory Data

From a seller’s perspective, understanding how to optimize the potential of multi-channel ecommerce is crucial. Obviously, your ecommerce clients want to provide as many options as possible for purchasing their goods, but they don’t want flexibility to come at the expense of customer satisfaction.
Inventory Management
Aug 17, 2018

Up-to-the-minute Data With Multi-Channel Inventory Management

In the days when brick-and-mortar businesses ruled retail, stores realized that opening new locations was the best way to increase sales. The same rule applies in the digital economy, but with a slight twist.