Close Deals Faster.

AccountingSuite was designed with a business' cash flow in mind. The browser-based interface makes it easy to monitor your business’s right-now cash position and use real-time reporting to visualize how inventory and accounts receivables are tying up cash.

Sales Orders

  • Just one click to reuse an existing sales order or create a new one.
  • During the order entry processes, instant access to inventory and support for backorders lets you give customers accurate shipping estimates on-the-fly.
  • Customer records support unlimited addresses, making it easier to use your own data to market to real customers that have received your products and services.
  • Usability features like accessing inventory and cost data without leaving the order entry screen.
  • Export sales orders to common document formats for quick sharing with your customers, partners or co-workers in different departments.

Invoices and Recurring Invoices

  • Copying existing invoices and creating new invoices is simple and quick--just one click means that your customer can be on the phone or in your office.
  • Email (electronically deliver) invoices to customers with CC: to salespersons or other members of our team. Stripe users can include a “PAY” button in the invoice.
  • Advanced functionality for recurring invoices allows you to automate repetitive business processes, letting you focus on doing business and not creating invoices.