Cloud Accounting Improves Workload for Firms During Tax Season


Cloud Accounting Improves Workload

Cloud Accounting Improves Workload for Firms During Tax Season. It’s that time of year again, accountants! Tax season is in full swing, and with it the many migraines and worries related to impending deadlines and extension requests. Add to that the ever-important job of maintaining proper communication with your clients to provide them peace-of-mind and outstanding support, and accountants are prone to having a pretty difficult time if they’re not staying on top of their work and updating processes. Cloud accounting to the rescue!

Since tax is the focus, growth might not be at the tip of every CPA’s tongue this particular time of year. But cloud accounting is here to stay, and it’s helping CPA firms make it easier to get ahead of the curve and begin creating even more efficient systems. Working in the cloud can save accountants time on data entry and the back-and-forth with clients, while keeping you and the businesses you serve much more organized.

Accountants who work on taxes in the cloud see fewer errors, get their work done in less time, and save money as a result. Thinking about how you can eliminate those tax-season headaches with cloud accounting? Here’s why accountants swear by cloud-based tax prep:

Cloud Accounting Improves Security and Maintenance

Clients may not always be as enamored with the cloud as you are. But cloud security is multi-faceted and comes with tons of backup and plans for recovery, should any information be compromised. The chances of losing data is greatly decreased in the cloud, so getting your clients on board is an essential step to a more painless tax season.

The fact is, accounting hardware and software require maintenance. Both accountants and business owners appreciate any extra time to focus attention on actual work, instead of worrying about the security and maintenance of the tools and technology used to do it.

Cloud Accounting Provides Real-Time Financial Overviews of Your Clients in One Place

Preparing taxes in the cloud means you are always equipped with your client’s full financial profile, giving you the flexibility of accessing data like profits and loss from anywhere, and from any device.

Even if you’re thrown for a loop during tax season, notifications and updates make the unexpected less of a hassle, and ease the communication worries of having to constantly track down data in a million different places. Additionally, if accountants can set a goal to automate every process that typically require hours of manual data entry, they can save time and dramatically decrease the chances of errors.  The automation and organization of tax prep this year ensures next year’s tax season is even easier.

Keeping immaculate, automatically updated financial records of every client in addition to their perfectly reconciled books is the key to helping a small business avoid audits and focus on growing their customer base. In the meantime, cloud-based tools for preparing taxes will give you a competitive edge and make you an even better accountant. Given the right tools, and placing your client’s tax work in the cloud is by far the best way to achieve your lofty goals and save both you and your clients time and money during tax season.

Share your tax season tricks with us in the comments, and check out AccountingSuite for more information on moving your practice to the cloud.

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