Convert to AccountingSuite™ from QBO

1. Steps to Set up in AccountingSuite™

  • Set up an account as Business or higher service level at
  • Once the account is set up, the account will show up on your dashboard.
  • Click on the client you want to convert
  • Once you’re in the file, go to Quick Menu on the left-hand side, then go to User List, then click “Enable Support User” 
  • Go to top left and click on Home Page
  • Once you are on the Home Page, go to bottom left in the support box and click test company
  • Select the option No data

2. Required Preparation

  • Tidy up QuickBooks Online data – If you need to do accounting work to tidy up the file, do it before you convert to AccountingSuite™. 
    • For example, make sure you have fully reconciled all bank accounts and applied open credits to the correct invoices or bills.  
    • Verify that your bank staging area is clear.
  • Turn on account numbers – Account numbers in QuickBooks Online convert to account codes in AccountingSuite™. AccountingSuite™ requires account codes.
  • Add to your QuickBooks Online team
  • Make sure there is no negative inventory 

  • Add account numbers to unnumbered accounts in your chart of accounts – If you leave any accounts unnumbered, we’ll assign them a number (based on the US GAAP numbering system).
  • Renumber sub-accounts – For example, if the master account is numbered 6000, renumber sub-accounts to 6000.10, 6000.20 and so on.
  • If you use a 3rd party payroll we suggest reconciling to the previous period.

3. Review the converted data

  • Subscription owner must review the converted data
  • When the conversion is complete, it’s important that you don’t change the Conversion Balances and Conversion Date.
  • Also avoid removing any converted transactions from your organization unless your accounting advisor asks you to do this. Changes to this data can cause discrepancies in future reporting and account balances.

4. Check bank, credit card and PayPal accounts are reconciled as they were in QuickBooks

  • Any transactions that you manually reconciled in QuickBooks Online may be converted as unreconciled in AccountingSuite™. 
  • Transactions missing information, such as the contact name, may also convert as unreconciled.
  • You may need to reconcile transactions in AccountingSuite™ that were reconciled in QuickBooks Online

QBO Conversion Cost is $99

AccountingSuite™ can import from other accounting platforms. Please email the migration team for more information.