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AccountingSuite Releases Customization Functionality for Cloud Accounting Ledger

By May 12, 2020 December 10th, 2020 No Comments

AccountingSuite Extends Functionality of Award-Winning Solution to Better Fit the Needs of Complex Organizations

Customization Functionality

AccountingSuite™ announced the functionality to customize the cloud accounting software by user through new extensions. The advanced functionality builds upon the robust inventory management and eCommerce solutions to support complex organizations in a tailormade model.

Ted McRae, Director of Business Development at AccountingSuite, expanded the new release, “AccountingSuite uses extensions to extend the functionality of the software. So instead of supplying the user with all types of features that they don’t need like many of our competitors do which can make your software clunky, we focused on a model that empowers the user to install extensions on an as-needed basis.” He continued, “When we set out to customize the software to best fit the clients’ needs, we realized how cumbersome it could become if their dashboard were full of options they don’t need. For example, if they are not a Multi-Currency business – in AccountingSuite you do not need to add the Multi-Currency extension until you want it. Clients are loving all of the options!”

Perhaps one of the easiest customization tools on the market, in the software, users install the Customization Selection Tool which allows them to add items to various panels using a multiple selection window or by continuously adding items one by one. The selection window remains open until the work has been completed. This extension works within purchase orders, items receipts, assembly builds, disassembly builds, dropship Deliveries, bills, purchase returns, quotes, sales invoices, sales orders, credit memos, shipments, warehouse transfers, and cash sales.

An example of a unique extension is the Advanced Barcoder, which extends the regular barcode functionality by adding the ability to scan a lot or multiple items barcodes. In addition, quantities on documents are increased by 1 each time the item is scanned ensuring accurate receiving records. Other extensions include Blank Check Stock Printing, Choose Item Purchase Costs, Customized Selection Tool, Generate Sales Invoice from Item Receipt, Inventory Journal and many more with the list of extensions continually growing. Future Extension releases include Inventory Dashboard, To-Do List Dashboard, Income/Expense Dashboard and Predictive Purchase Order.

AccountingSuite™ is an award-winning accounting software with built-in advanced inventory management solutions. The pure cloud application allows users to login anytime from any device and provides unlimited transactions as well as multiple users. The software is a popular alternative for CPAs and accountants because it adheres to GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) unlike other popular accounting programs; lack of this backbone in an accounting system allows inexperienced users to make changes to the file after closing.

About AccountingSuite™
AccountingSuite™ is a powerful, all-in-one business application for accounting, cloud banking, order management, inventory management, project and time tracking in one cloud-driven platform. Our mission is to provide easy to use, no-nonsense software that is scalable for startups, entrepreneurs, and growing companies to manage not only finances, but day to day operations. AccountingSuite™ partners with accountants to deliver the software as low as $5 per month per client.

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