Project & Time Tracking

Projects/Job Cost, TimeTracking

Keep track of employee and contractor time on projects, allowing you to managing project costs, income and create billable Time and Materials invoices efficiently.

Project Highlights
  • Quickly run Project Transaction reports directly from the Project Profitability Matrix  - even more than one at a time!
  • Project Profitability Matrix keeps your information in a quick, easy-to-use grid for seeing where you are doing  doing well and where you could improve. 




  • Project-tracking functionality spans the application - projects created can be tagged on sales quotes, sales and purchase orders, sales invoices and bills,, bill r payments, cash receipts, and even inventory (including COGS).
Time Tracking Highlights
  • The copy feature allows contractors and consultants to copy previous entries which saves time and headaches, and data-entry mistakes.
  • The time tracking module allows for recording the time spent by tasks on a project for a single day or utilize the multi-day entry feature for even faster entry on longer projects with lots of tasks.
  • Easily see which entries have been billed in the list view.
  • Highlight several entries and create an invoice instantly with one click.