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Last year, we introduced you to Andersen CPA firm, who was interested in migrating clients from QuickBooks to AccountingSuite™ in an attempt to improve processes and efficiency in their respective operations. The Los Angeles  firm believes in the value of relationships, and is determined to identify areas of opportunity and simplified solutions for their clients. Andersen told us about their first client in the process of moving to AccountingSuite™  — an established electronic device manufacturing company — and how they pictured it improving their client’s business. Now that the move has completed, let’s take a deep dive into how the transition to a QuickBooks alternative worked out:

Inventory Management Headaches

One of the reasons Andersen found the electronics company a good candidate for AccountingSuite™ was the amount of product they dealt with on a daily basis.  With dozens of different products, they have to pay close attention to inventory management. They also had many return merchandise authorization (RMA) issues, offshore manufacturing, and difficulty dealing with product recalls. Andersen’s firm realized that the accounting system they were using was simply not built to handle the types of use-cases the electronics company required.

They’d relied a lot on how good their tennis shoes were to check on their inventory,” said Andersen.

Andersen CPA found AccountingSuite™ would be the robust solution for inventory-based companies. For accountants, it’s a solution that allows them to select either cash or accrual accounting, and contains additional modules at no extra cost. Andersen helped their client through the transition to AccountingSuite™, and was extremely pleased with the outcome of the migration.

RMA Problems Resolved

We caught up with Bruce Andersen to find out how his firm’s decision to move their electronics client to AccountingSuite™ went, and what they learned from the process. Andersen started by explaining the importance of inventory management for companies like his clients who need better data about their products. The inventory feature in AccountingSuite™, he said, is substantial and dependable, and will consistently do a good job to solve for his client’s inventory challenges.

With multiple locations and so much product, switching to AccountingSuite™ has solved the RMA challenges Andersen’s client was dealing with in their electronics business.

It does a bang-up job in regards to managing inventory going out and coming back in,” said Andersen.

In terms of time savings and reduced manual entry, Andersen saw a major improvement as well. Andersen’s electronic client had been around for 10 years, but they’d previously not been able to nail down a process for dealing with their inventory.

“They had RMAs that sat for a long time because they lost track.”

When a business has multiple locations, consignment items to add to their already tight space, and an RMA process that could take months, an automated system solves this issue. AccountingSuite™ could track their inventory and also the draw-down on it as they tracked sales.

If we look at RMA savings on its own, Andersen reckons that switching to AccountingSuite™ saved his electronics client 80 percent of time spent processing RMAs!

Bruce Andersen

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