Keep Track of Everything.

AccountingSuite’s powerful inventory tools can be used easily by anyone. Check out  its advanced inventory management features not usually found in small business cloud accounting software.

Inventory Capabilties

  • Hierarchical support for multiple locations, sub-locations, and bins as well as categorization by attributes like projects and classes
  • Powerful procurement system that supports multiple dates and locations
  • Flexible purchase order document flow with ability to print drop ship information
  • Location transfers and selectable GAAP-friendly inventory costing methods (weighted average or FIFO)

Inventory Workflows

  • Create purchase orders with a drop ship address and include customer location information for more exact tracking of inventory and better reporting
  • Supplier and vendor invoices are simple to create from existing purchase orders or built-in invoice templates
  • Tagging systems lets you easily classify and expense line items to projects and classes for simplified project accounting and reporting
  • Built-in controls ensure that user entry follows best practices and helps avoid data entry errors