KPI Inventory Dashboard

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KPI Inventory Dashboard

The KPI Inventory Dashboard is a visual display of the most important information that decision makers need to help them achieve objectives.  With 4 different  reports providing information that allows you to track all your inventory on one page giving you a quick overview of any issues before they become problems and affect performance.


KPI Inventory Dashboard


A graphical representation of the health of your inventory. This KPI Inventory Dashboard can help to effectively control inventory and improve your business.

Inventory Turnover Rate calculates the turnover rate for a specific period. You can drill-down to gross margin report by double-clicking on the chart.

Days to Sell Inventory shows how long it takes convert inventory into sales.

Stock Status plays an important role in the health of the business: having too much or too little inventory can cause problems. You can see performance analysis and drill-down to the report level by double-clicking on different parts of the pie.