CPA Practice Advisor Reviews AccountingSuite!

Best Fit:

AccountingSuite is a good fit for sole proprietors, freelancers, and other small businesses that are looking for a solid accounting product that that is mobile, flexible and easily accessible from anywhere.

Product Strengths:

  • Product offers excellent time tracking capability
  • Product offers easy import/export capability
  • All versions of the product offer the same level of functionality
  • Offers solid help, including a user guide, videos, and training sessions

AccountingSuite Tips & Tricks: Track Dropship Inventory

Keep track of your drop-ship inventory using AccountingSuite’s multi-location features.

Keeping track of drop-ship inventory and can be a challenge for anyone!  AccountingSuite’s multi-location features can help you track your goods from purchase to receipt of payment from your customer.   Here’s how to do this:   Create a second location and call it ‘drop-ship’.  This is  where you will ‘receive’ in your inventory the goods ordered on a drop-ship PO.  Once the customer receives the goods, issuing the invoice  reduces the inventory count in the drop-ship location.  When using this method, you can easily run inventory reports that shows which items in your drop-ship sales cycle are still outstanding.  

One click document creation - from Sales Quote to Cash Receipt

Complete the next step in your sales cycles with just one click!   Each document in your sales cycle can be moved to the next stage with the Generate button. This reduces data-entry (and mistakes!) by leaps and bounds and makes your whole team more efficient.   Simply click the button, choose the document to generate, and all relevant information is copied to the new document.

Did you know that in AccountingSuite you can.....


A year in Review

2015 has been an exciting year here at AccountingSuite.  

We kicked off the year with an enhanced integration with Dwolla which ultimately lead to the elimination of sales transaction fees for our customers.  We got certified for Avalara’s Sales Tax Automation Solution, and AvaTax is now available for AccountingSuite customers.