Bookkeepers, Accountants & Virtual Controllers

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AccountingSuite has the features you need from bookkeeping to accounting and become a virtual controller.




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  • Cloud Banking
    • daily bank feeds with over 10K+ different banks and credit cards.
    • upload and import csv,qfx,ofx,txt for any number of periods and years depending on your institution.
    • Artificial Intelligence that memorizes and automatically categorizes as you “teach” the software.
  • Register
    • quickly and easily add manual transactions for “shoebox accounting”.
    • easily view all transactions for your banks and credit cards for any month, quarter, or year.
    • launch bank reconciliation from register without switching screens or modules.
  • Payments
    • Record electronic payments.
    • Print Checks as you enter payments.
    • Pay with Dwolla (deeply integrated).
  • Deposits
    • Split deposits to multiple g/l accounts.
    • Split deposits to multiple customers or vendors (refunds).
  • Bank Reconciliation
    • reconcile against bank statements to verify correct cash balances.
    • You can update previous bank reconciliations without pain of unreconciling other statements.
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  • Journal Entries
    • copy existing recurring journal entries to minimize unnecessary data entry.
    • general journal functions allows accountants to see a deeper view of the accounting transactions (refunds).
  • Month End Close and period
    • keep the books solid by utilizing the closing period feature.
    • choose which modules you want to close and which not to close.
  • 1099 reporting creates a export file.
  • Import Payroll files (industry standard ADP generic format).
  • Audit Log helps track any type of potential fraud.
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  • Universal Reporting allows you to pull data from any field like a database query.
  • Compare prior years and report on as many years since business inception!
  • Full financial reporting.
Sales Module
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  • Sales Order, Sales Invoices, Cash Receipts, Credit Memos.
  • Electronic delivery of invoices with last delivery date.
  • Ability for receiving invoice payments via Dwolla and Stripe.
Project Module
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  • Project tracking for cost and income tracking on all projects.
  • Project profitability matrix allows for quick views of financial state of current projects.
Purchase Module
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  • Enter Bills for clients and pay bills when needed to enable cash management.
  • Pay bills with Dwolla which allows for fee-free electronic payments.
Time Tracking
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  • Enable time tracking for contractors and employees (possible export to payroll services, not included).
  • Multi-Entry allows for entering many days in one entry.
  • Invoicing of Time entries to projects and classes.
  • Invoicing of Time entries shows multiple lines with service date and work performed on separate lines.
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  • Advanced inventory features allow clients to grow their product companies.
  • Item matrix allows the accountant and client to instantly see the state of their product based on open orders, backorders, purchase orders, quantity on hand.
  • All this on a multi-location basis.
  • Assembly feature is available as your product mix increases.
  • Roll-up costing of assemblies and gross margin analysis.
Advanced Reporting
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  • Reporting on all additional modules
    • Sales, Purchases, Inventory, Project, time
  • Reports can be saved to excel, pdf and other formats
Sales Tax
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  • Utilize Avalara integration to ease the pain of sales tax and sales tax reporting
  • Add manual sales tax to control what sales tax is used and create your own codes and rates.
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  • ZohoCRM - connect to a CRM that is widely used and market-proven
  • Avalara - market leader in automated sales tax calculation and reporting
  • Stripe - merchant account quickly, efficiently and deeply integrated - no hidden fees!



VIRTUAL Controller Level


With Accountingsuite you can now service valuable product clients and help them grow and reach their true potential. Expand your market and propel your firm from bookkeeper to virtual controller.

Use AccountingSuite for Real Time tracking of your client’s operations to help reduce costs and improve efficiency:

  • View inventory in real time - Ensure product availability for shipping orders, which will help businesses to grow and flow

  • Review assembly margins - Maintain positive gross margins which leads to more profitable pricing practices

  • Instantly access new orders and review backorders - Forecast demand which will lead your client from just-in-case to just-in-time inventory

  • Analyze the health of the company whenever, wherever - Slice and dice data to analyze metrics to find opportunities, positive trends and cost savings

  • Best of all, make smarter, well-timed decisions with business owners.

All these great features make you more valuable to your clients. 

Join our community of Cloud Accountants and ProActive Business Advisors and learn how you can bring your practice to Virtual Controller level.