West Highland White Terrier

This new product release is brought to you by the West Highland White Terrier, affectionately known as a Westie. 

This cutie hails from Scotland with its characteristic fluffy white coat. It typically weighs 15-20 pounds at 10-11 inches tall. Occasionally confused with the similar white Maltese Terrier, the distinguishing trait is the characteristically pointed and erect ears. 


Nearly to the end of the alphabet, this release is named after the Whippet. 

The Whippet is a medium-sized sighthound bred in England. The name "Whippet" is derived from an early 17th century word meaning "to move briskly."  They weigh between 15 and 42 pounds and are the fastest dogs of their weight, able to run up to 35 MPH. Whippets have been called the poor man's racehorse. 

In this spirit, we've streamlined many processes, fixed imperfections and make our application easier to use so you can go further with your business. 


Cruising down the alphabet, this new update is brought to you by Vizsla. 

This dog hails from Hungary (known locally as a Magyar Vizsla) for its prowess as a sporting dog and its loyalty.

This product update is a smidge different than the previous ones. This was more of a smorgasbord of many user-friendly changes and improvements that been waiting. Many were suggested by our users! Thank you for all the constant feedback!

Ultimate Mastiff

We figured our users have seen past product releases with a Tibetan Mastiff, Mastiff decedents like the Rottweiler and St. Bernard, we'd have return to our roots and pay homage to the old dog gods with our latest release.

The Ultimate Mastiff will drastically transforms the way you'll both work and play with AccountingSuite. 

Let's go for a walk through the new features, upgrades, fixes and improvements!

St. Bernard - Release Notes

With the success of our last release, the Rottweiler, we’ve chosen a distant cousin as our next dog mascot—the St. Bernard!

In summary, this product release focuses on multi-faceted user experience improvements, customization and interface enhancements. 

To celebrate this release, we're giving away DVDs of the legendary Beethoven movie to a handful of lucky AccountingSuite fans!

Rottweiler - Release Notes

Rottweiler - Release Notes

This latest update is brought to you by one of the oldest herding breeds around, the Rottweiler, with ancestry dating back to the Roman Empire and the original Mastiff breeding stocks.

Much like your chosen cloud accounting software, the Rottweiler is known to be dependable and rugged with great intelligence as well as keen guarding instincts. 

We are proud to announce these new additions, features and fixes to the latest AccountingSuite update.

Otto Bulldog - Release Notes


  • Added Cash Basis Reporting for Income Statement, Balance Sheet and General Ledger.
  • Improved the display of the General Ledger Entries. Added the capability to now drill down from Reports to General Ledger.
  • Added the ability to process and report on voided transactions for voided checks, Bills, Bill Payments and Credit Memos.

Foxhound - Release Notes

This new version includes over 35 new features including Advanced Units of Measure!  This awesome new feature allows you to buy in one unit, sell in another and still keep accurate inventory counts.  Sales Quotes now include valuable information like cost (based on last item cost), margin (based on the price on the line including the discount) , item quantity on PO, item quantity on SO, quantity on hand, with the available to promise (ATP)  which may help your sales team make smarter, more informed decisions.  We’re calling this feature SalesPAL.