Norwich Terrier – Release Notes

  • Vendor Code created through the Register will now show immediately.
  • Added functionality where Bill Payment transactions associated with an edited Bill will automatically and immediately update. 
  • Improve the auto-numbering feature in Chart of Accounts.  Parent accounts will now increase in increments of tens and the sub-accounts will increase in increments of one.
  • Added ability to customize the Date Period when selecting/viewing Approved Transactions in Cloud Banking. 
  • Added ability to select Credit Card accounts when making a deposit. 
  • Added ability to control the suppression of the Setting page from popping up when system starts. 
  • Improve consistency within Cash Receipt listing/grid.  Type in listings now matches the Type in documents.
  • Updated error messages within Cloud Banking for more friendly error messages.
  • Removed incorrect error dialog when closing the Export button in Bank Register and Cloud Banking.
  • Remove bug that would not allow matching transaction with existing Check numbers.
  • Fixed bug that prevented similar project names with different customers.
  • Fixed a bug that disallowed selecting currency related accounts when CC (credit card) is selected in Deposit/Payment.
  • Fixed a bug that disallowed  selecting the type of currency when posting a Payment with bank account in Account tab. 

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