Otto Bulldog – Release Notes

  • Improved the display of the General Ledger Entries. Added the capability to now drill down from Reports to General Ledger.
  • Added Cash Basis Reporting for Income Statement, Balance Sheet and General Ledger.
  • Improved the presentation of Parent/sub accounts in the Income Statement by organizing them by account number sequence.  
  • Re-worded the Statement print dialog when adding backup documentation. The term “transactions” is replaced with “copies of the documents”.
  • Added the ability to process and report on voided transactions for voided checks, Bills, Bill Payments and Credit Memos.
  • Simplified the ability to temporarily add [email protected] to user list for support and troubleshooting.
  • Re-formatted Income Statement to remove empty spaces between rows. 
  • Fixed a bug within Income Statement where collapsing to Level 1 would hide everything including Header info.
  • Renamed Total in Cash Receipts to Payment.
  • Added the ability to view last email date for emails sent in batch. Added confirmation alert when emails are sent.
  • Fixed error that prevented users from printing Item Receipts under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed error that prevented users from posting a Cash Receipt under certain circumstances when divisor is zero.

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