Rottweiler – Release Notes

This latest update is brought to you by one of the oldest herding breeds around, the Rottweiler, with ancestry dating back to the Roman Empire and the original Mastiff breeding stocks.

Much like your chosen cloud accounting software, the Rottweiler is known to be dependable and rugged with great intelligence as well as keen guarding instincts.

We are proud to announce these new additions, features and fixes to the latest AccountingSuite update:

  • TIN Numbers are now formatted on Vendor Card for increased security
  • Prepayment on Purchase Orders is now live and allows for multiple prepayments
  • Discounts mechanism in footer is more user friendly
  • Chart of Accounts can now be exported to CSV and AccountingSuite proprietary format
  • Default width for Qty columns has been increased to fit a higher number of digits
  • Fixed an issue where printing checks that caused the lower stub to be printed too high as well as fixing an alignment issue
  • Made the ‘Void Check’ functionality more visible in Bank Reconciliation and now includes a warning in Cloud Banking to help detect fraud or mistakes in data entry
  • Updated the Invoice Print Form to show correct balances when the Invoice is in “Draft” or “Pending” and not posted
  • Sales Order Print Form has been updated to simplify the display of prepayments against Sales Orders
  • Improved sales order, sales inventory list, customer/vendor central and choice lists with more fields
  • Prepayment balance is now displayed on Sales Order Print form
  • Expanded flexibility of the custom field functionality to be used by any module to include characteristics of items
  • A link to show bill, bill payment and prepayment transactions has been added to the purchase order document
  • PO Print form displays a Prepayments balance
  • Added the print button to all preview screens
  • Users may now choose columns to show/hide in list form
  • Fixed a bug that caused “internet connection closed unexpectedly” error while downloading transactions, uploading CSV, bank files or for users with low bandwidth
  • Fixed a bug where the general journal was unable to sort by document type
  • Fixed a bug where editing the date on the Cash Receipt document payment and discount values updated incorrectly in reflection to the payment terms
  • Fixed a bug on sales orders where a manually specified discount is incorrectly applied to the total amount due
  • Fixed a bug under automatic categorization where cloud banking sometimes suggests a different account for a matched document and sometimes does not suggest a vendor
  • Fixed a bug on sales order discounts where the field is not editable if a sum is selected
  • Fixed a bug where the formula in Bill Payments and Cash Receipts did not display the formula itself but shows the correct calculations
  • Fixed a bug where the sales order print form doesn’t display the correct prepayment balance if two or more prepayments are applied
  • Fixed a bug where under certain circumstances, deleting transactions in the Unapproved transaction under Cloud Banking would reappear
  • Fixed a bug where a prepayment created for a specific sales order did not reflect the prepayment on the sales invoice made on the original sales order
  • Fixed a bug where the the title for of the bank and credit card reconciliation reports are both the same as “Bank Reconciliation Report”
  • Fixed a bug on accounting and inventory reports that generated an error message
  • Fixed a bug where a discount defined in percentages was displayed as a positive amount and subsequently, the discount amount is added to the total rather than deducted from the total
  • Fixed a bug where the sales orders list page reverts to the old version
  • Fixed a bug triggered when additional attributes functionality is implemented
  • Fixed a bug where the sales order print form did not reflect associated prepayments
  • Fixed a bug where prepayment balances on purchase orders did not display any decimal values
  • Fixed a bug where custom field settings become inactive after the first ‘custom fields and data’ check box is checked


A live webinar with a full feature walkthrough will be on Thursday, May 12, 2016, 11-12pm PST. 
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