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"AccountingSuite is user friendly and easy for a musician like me to learn it and use it." - Chayah Miranda

Chayah Miranda is an Entrepren-Artist, the founder of Three Angels Music Group.   Christian pop artist, Chayah is best known for her sweet yet powerful voice. Performing all over the U.S., and throughout her native San Francisco Bay Area, she has won numerous awards for her vocals as well as her songwriting.


"We've been able to get better insight and access to our product - where it's going, how much it costs and for whom - than ever before." - Ben Lang

Ben Lang is the Director of Operations at Independent Distribution Collective - a music distribution and marketing company based in San Francisco that offers physical and digital distribution, marketing and promotion, artist development services, and music licensing.


Steffen Franz, CEO of IDC, switched to AccountingSuite from QuickBooks Enterprise.

This video explains how making the switch changed the way they do business more efficiently on a daily basis