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Large Customization - Expense Reporting

Customer needs

Tracking and reimbursement of business expenses of employees. Implement the approval process for each particular expense report.


  1. Possibility to create Expense reports about particular employee expenses which they want to reimburse.
  2. The expense report should include the necessary information:
    a) date
    b) merchant
    c) amount
    d) receipt photo, etc.
    Each expense report can include as many claims as the employee wants to reimburse.
  3. Before reimbursement, each report should pass through the approval process.
  4. The approval process should include the following participants:
    a) employee
    b) approver
    c) supervisor
  5. Possibility to generate Bills for approved Expense reports and track their payment statuses (Open, Partly paid, Paid)
  6. Receive notifications (in-app and email) about Expense reporting status changes


This extension is implementing Mileage and Expense tracking functionality in Accounting Suite.

Extension Allows users to submit, track, process, and reimburse employee expenses.

Expense Reporting can track employee out-of-pocket expenses and allow them to upload receipts, and enter details as well as mileage for reimbursement.

This extension creates a new type of documents ‘Expense report’ which is created, modified, and approved by 'Expense approval' process participants.

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Approval process participants


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Same as for Employee And

Expense reporting approval process

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  1. Employee (or Supervisor) creates Report
  2. When the report is finished user submits it.
  3. When Expense report is submitted, 'Pending approval' status is assigned to the report, and Approver receives a notification (in-app or by email).
  4. 'Pending approval' expense report cannot be modified by Employee (or Supervisor).
  5. Approver can approve or reject 'Pending approval' expense report.
  6. If Approver rejects report, they must write a rejection reason for this report.
  7. When Expense report is rejected by Approver, the ‘Rejected' status will be assigned to it, and Employee (or Supervisor) will receive notification (in-app or email).
  8. Employee (or Supervisor) can modify rejected report and Submit it again.
  9. After report is approved, Approver can generate a Bill based on Expense report data.
  10. Approved reports cannot be modified by any user. Only Approver can change its status back to 'Pending approval'.

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