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Getting Started with AccountingSuite™
This entry level AccountingSuite™ course helps you familiarize yourself with overall navigation within AccountingSuite™’s robust feature set. Learn how to conduct basic AccountingSuite™ tasks and how to make the most out of your demo company.1.0 CPE Credit - Every Thursday @ 9:00AM Pacific
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Getting started with AccountingSuite™

Are you eager to plunge into AccountingSuite™? Follow these steps to get started with a splash!

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It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

1. Setup Wizard

User-Friendly tool that guides you with step-by-step instruction to help you set up your account right.

2. Settings & Lists

Go beyond the Setup Wizard and customize AccountingSuite™ to fit your business profile.

3. Connect your Banks

Connect your banks & credit cards to AccountingSuite™ and setup Cloud Banking Feeds.

Setup Wizard


Setup Your Account

Setup Wizard will guide you to set up your account correctly. First with questions about your company/entity, then through the initial settings to get started, and lastly it will have you setup your Chart of Accounts (CoA). AccountingSuite™ has built sophisticated and thorough default COA's for you to choose from. The default CoA's are based on your answers about your company and can be customized. You can also choose to import your CoA or copy from an existing AccountingSuite™ account.

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Setting & Tools

Cloud Banking


Getting Started Webinar

Get the most out of your AccountingSuite™ subscription and start out with all the right settings. Our Getting Started Webinar was designed with the small business user in mind.

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