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Customer needs

Upload Sales History from MS Excel format to integrate company-wide processes in one place.


The Sales Uploading Tool should allow:

  1. Upload and save Sales History from the source file in MS Excel format.
  2. Provide settings and different options for data mapping and saving.
  3. Match Items by item code.
  4. Interactively inform users about uploading process results and give a possibility to match items manually.
  5. Have a possibility to use uploaded sales history in custom reports and tools.


Prepared “Sales Uploading Tool“ extension that can be used both an additional and independent data source for different purposes. Customer can use uploaded data in custom reports and tools, i.e to get extended sale reports, estimate products demand, generate assembly builds, and many other places wherever you may need sales history.

Uploading a file involves the following steps:

Settings will be saved automatically for the future. You can change settings at any time to upload files with different content.

Image of AccountingSuite Cloud Accounting

You will be informed about the recognition process result and see how many items were mapped successfully, and how many were skipped or not found.

You can manually match items if needed. After saving data you will see the list of uploading documents.

Image of AccountingSuite Cloud AccountingImage of AccountingSuite Cloud Accounting

Sales History List

Extension provides quick access to the list of uploaded documents.

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