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Small Customization - Commissions Report

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Customer needs

Automatic calculation of gross margin per salesperson according to their sales and commission cost.


  1. Allow to assign commission cost to each sales document and calculate gross margin for each particular sales person and document.
  2. Generate Commission report grouping and filtering by representatives with the following calculated fields:
    a) Sale
    b) Cost
    c) Commission
  3. Allow managing access to the Commission report as well as the Commission cost field.


Commission report extension includes:

Commission report

Commission report grouped by the sales representative and state.

Filtering by a sales representative is available.

The report shows the following fields:

Only fully paid invoices for the selected period are displayed in the report and count for commission calculation.

The return appears on the report as a separate line with the same fields described above.

Any returns will decrease the subtotal and affect the commission calculation.

Commission Report Sample

Commission cost

Commission cost additional field for sales invoices and credit memos can be inputted manually.

The Commission cost field's value does not appear on the sales invoice, any Customer-facing documents, or any financial documents.

The value from the Commission cost field is used only in the Commission custom report.

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Access to the Commission report and Commission cost field (both or separate) can be limited for particular users.

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