Items, Item Receipts, Inventory Adjustments,
Units of Measure, Assembly/Bill of Materials.

Track your inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries from anywhere, at anytime to avoid product outages and lost sales.

Inventory management software is vital to every business that sells products or goods. Tracking key metrics such as inventory turnover, goods sold, and inventory on hand are just a few of the foundations to ensure smooth operations. Inaccurate records of inventory can create longer processing times and a slower response to demand, which could ultimately result in a loss of sales. The margin for error is quite small for inventory-based companies so a robust inventory management system is required.

AccountingSuite™ includes full inventory management features which allow users to track inventory levels, orders, sales, RMAs and deliveries from anywhere, at any time. You avoid product outages and lost sales. Businesses can use inventory management software to see when shipments come in, when inventory goes out, and where inventory is located reducing the time and effort of operations management. Business managers can instead focus on reducing inefficiencies in the corporate infrastructure.

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Inventory Management Highlights

  • Real-Time Inventory by Category and Location
  • Warehouse/Location Transfer, including Vendor Warehouses and Consignment Stores
  • Track Inventory by Project and Costs
  • FIFO and Weighted Average Costing by Item
  • UPC, Custom Fields and Vendor Item Number
  • Assembly/Bill of Material including SubAssemblies
  • Lot/Serial Tracking
  • Return Management (Sales and Purchase)
  • Drop Ship Orders (Including Drop Ship PO and tracking)
  • Back Ordering (Sales and Purchase)
  • Advanced Unit of Measure Conversion
  • Advance Pricing Matrix
  • Item Receipts and Shipments