Items, Item Receipts, Inventory Adjustments,
Units of Measure, Assembly/Bill of Materials.

Track your inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries from anywhere, anytime.
Avoid product outages and lost sales.


Inventory Management Highlights

  • Real-Time Inventory by Category and Location
  • Warehouse/Location Transfer, including Vendor Warehouses and Consignment Stores
  • Track Inventory by Project and Costs
  • FIFO and Weighted Average Costing by Item
  • UPC, Custom Fields and Vendor Item Number
  • Assembly/Bill of Material including SubAssemblies
  • Lot/Serial Tracking
  • Return Management (Sales and Purchase)
  • Drop Ship Orders (Including Drop Ship PO and tracking)
  • Back Ordering (Sales and Purchase)
  • Advanced Unit of Measure Conversion
  • Advance Pricing Matrix
  • Item Receipts and Shipments

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