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A person or entity that purchases goods or services from a seller.

A customer is a person or entity that purchases goods or services from a seller. Customers are a critical component of any business, as they provide the revenue and cash flow necessary to sustain operations and generate profits.

Customers may be individuals or other businesses, and may purchase goods or services for personal or commercial use. They may purchase products directly from a seller, or through intermediaries such as wholesalers, retailers, or distributors.

In managing accounts receivable, customers are a key consideration, as they are responsible for paying invoices and account balances on a timely basis. Effective accounts receivable management requires establishing clear payment terms and expectations with customers, monitoring payment activity, and taking appropriate action to collect outstanding debts.

Building positive relationships with customers is also important for effective accounts receivable management, as it can help to promote timely payments and reduce the risk of bad debts. This may involve providing excellent customer service, offering incentives for early payment, and establishing clear lines of communication with customers.

Overall, customers are a critical component of any business, and effective accounts receivable management requires careful attention to their needs and behaviors. By understanding their payment habits and building positive relationships, sellers can improve their cash flow, reduce the risk of bad debts, and maintain a healthy business.