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Payment Voucher

A document that accompanies a payment and provides information about the invoice or account receivable being paid.

A payment voucher is a document that is used to authorize and record a payment from one party to another. It serves as a supporting document for a payment made by a company, providing details such as the payment date, payment amount, and the recipient of the payment.

Payment vouchers are commonly used by businesses to track and document their payment transactions. The voucher typically includes information such as the name of the payee, the purpose of the payment, and any applicable invoice or reference numbers.

Payment vouchers can be created manually or generated automatically through an accounting software system. They are often used in conjunction with other financial documents, such as invoices and receipts, to provide a complete record of a payment transaction.

Payment vouchers can also be used to support internal controls within a company's accounting system. By requiring payment vouchers for all payment transactions, a company can help to prevent fraud and ensure that payments are only made for valid transactions.

Overall, payment vouchers are an important tool for managing payment transactions and maintaining accurate financial records. They help to ensure that payments are properly authorized and documented, which can help to prevent errors and discrepancies in a company's financial records.