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Receiving Report

A document that confirms the receipt of goods by a buyer, typically used to match against invoices.

A receiving report is a document used to confirm the receipt of goods by a buyer. It is typically created by the receiving department or the individual who received the goods and serves as a record of the goods that have been received.

The receiving report includes important information such as the date and time of receipt, the quantity of goods received, and any discrepancies or damages noted at the time of receipt. The document is usually signed or stamped by the receiver as a confirmation of the accuracy of the information included.

The receiving report is an important component of the purchasing process, as it is used to match against the vendor's invoice to ensure that the goods received match the goods that were ordered and invoiced. By reconciling the receiving report with the invoice, the buyer can ensure that they are only paying for the goods that were actually received, and that the price charged by the vendor is accurate.

In some cases, the receiving report may also be used to confirm the quality of the goods received or to track inventory levels. This information can be used to help manage the company's inventory and to identify any issues with the quality or quantity of goods received.

Overall, the receiving report is a critical component of the purchasing process, helping to ensure that goods are received and accounted for accurately, and that the buyer is only paying for the goods that were actually received. By maintaining accurate records of goods received, companies can improve their purchasing processes, control costs, and ensure that they are obtaining the goods they need in a timely and efficient manner.