Increase Efficiency for Your Inventory-Based Businesses With AccountingSuite™ #ACSTherapy

January 26, 2023

Inventory-based businesses, especially those involved in e-commerce have extensive reporting and accounting needs. These usually are not met by traditional accounting software. If you have found that your existing clients are outgrowing accounting software such as QuickBooks® for their inventory management and eCommerce accounting, check out the tips below to see the ways that AccountingSuite’s #ACSTherapy can help you alleviate the signs of accounting software stress related to inventory management and eCommerce.

Enjoy True Inventory Control for Your Inventory-Based Businesses

Compared to the limited lists and tracking available in QuickBooks®, AccountingSuite™ offers true inventory control including comprehensive inventory management features which allow users to track inventory levels, orders, sales, RMAs, and deliveries from anywhere, at any time. This functionality allows you to help your clients reduce the time and effort of operations management by focusing on reducing inefficiencies while also streamlining your firm’s workflow.

In addition, AccountingSuite enables control of real-time inventory with the ability to see when shipments come in, when inventory goes out, and where inventory is located. AccountingSuite™ also provides powerful inventory management tools not usually found in small business cloud accounting software such as the ability to:

  • Track items in multiple locations.
  • Record the transfer of an item from one location to another when multi-location functionality is enabled).
  • Attach files and supporting documentation.
  • Set up flexible document flow.
  • Use inventory items to create quotes, invoices, purchase orders, and bills quicker.
  • Add photos to your inventory items for a visual reminder of your stock.
  • Manage assemblies by defining a group of items in inventory to make another item. Plus assembly builds and creating assemblies within assemblies are also available features.

When you consider all of these advanced inventory accounting capabilities in AccountingSuite’s software platform, plus these additional inventory management functions essential for eCommerce businesses, it becomes clear that to truly manage your clients’ inventory accounting requirements and inventory-based businesses that you can no longer rely solely on a software geared more toward start-up businesses.  

Plus, AccountingSuite offers even more functionality such as:

  • Real-Time Inventory by Category & Location
  • Track Inventory by Project
  • FIFO and Weighted Average Costing by Item
  • UPC, Custom Fields, and Vendor Item Number
  • Assembly/Bill of Material incl. SubAssemblies
  • Lot/Serial Tracking
  • Return Management (Sales and Purchases)
  • Back Ordering (Sales and Purchases)
  • Advanced Unit of Measure Conversion
  • Advanced Pricing Matrix
  • Item Receipts and Shipments
  • Drop Ship Orders (incl. Drop Ship PO & Tracking)
  • Warehouse/Location Transfer, incl. Vendor Warehouses & Consignment Store

Your clients with brick-and-mortar inventory-based businesses and eCommerce entities need true inventory tracking and management that can be accomplished only using the advanced features in AccountingSuite. Now is the time to transition from QuickBooks so our onboarding specialist can help you hit the ground running in the coming year. Request a demo of AccountingSuite and learn more about getting started with our Accountant Partner Program.