Customer Highlight: Advanced Ag Products

January 26, 2023

Customer Success Story

Advanced Ag Products is an innovative all-natural nutraceutical company specializing in feed supplements for all species such as poultry, pigs, and fish that are more reliant on grains. They developed and launched the By-O-Reg+ product line in 2008, after years of in-depth research and testing. These all-natural feed supplements offer clients a superior alternative to current synthetic practices while delivering consistent results every time.

Advanced Ag Products got its start in 2008 in Canton, a small town of 3800 in southeastern South Dakota. Canton’s byline is, “Can live, can dream, can do,” which touts the pioneer history that they emanate into their modern-day mission. Advanced Ag strives to embody entrepreneurship and the production of great ideas. After years of research, the company started to produce “By-O-Reg,” an all-natural supplement that helps farmers increase profits by making the food that pork, swine, beef, and poultry eat healthier and more natural than traditional methods.

How AccountingSuite™ Supports Advanced Ag

The company has experienced exponential growth in just a few short years. Advanced Ag Products shares how they started using AccountingSuite™ in June of 2016, using the sales features for invoicing and shipping. When they were ready to start using purchase orders, item receipts, and inventory, there was no need to make any changes to the software, the features were already there.

By 2022, the company had grown to x number of employees and production was starting to grow to a point that the employees who had been tracking the manufacturing process in their heads needed some assistance. Fortunately, the necessary features were already available in AccountingSuite™ and the team began the journey of preparing the software to handle their production needs on a larger scale. Sarah started putting together assemblies, units of measure, and a bill of materials for each of their products.

Janel K. Advanced Ag Products, LLC says, "I think we both agree that our favorite feature of AccountingSuite™ is the support. Yes, truly I mean your customer is support is the best, bar none. There is nothing like it.  If anyone ever asked me, I would not hesitate to say, 'Yes, you need to go to AccountingSuite™.'"